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Thank you for visiting my website. I hope to help you determine if we might be a good fit to work together. I encourage you to call me so that we may begin a conversation about what you might be looking for in a therapist.

A therapeutic relationship acknowledges the deepest meanings in our lives and examines our most personal emotions of love, loneliness, loss, belonging, alienation, grief, and yearning behind all of our feelings both private and public. Connection with ourselves and others provides the scaffolding for life’s experiences, but when those relationships are awry, our foundation is shaky and our health and well-being suffer.

I work with people who are dealing with interior conflicts of anxiety, dissatisfaction, grief, regret, longing, stress, addiction, disappointment, conflict or transitions. The feelings that come from these complex emotions are hard to process alone. Trusting that another person can help you process your experiences and relationships and accompany you on a quest towards wholeness or greater happiness, can be transformative. A therapeutic alliance can provide clarity, support and treatment towards more positive personal fulfillment. As an empathic witness to your thoughts and feelings I help you safely explore your fears and conflicts, struggles and objectives in an honest and accepting space.

Therapy is a collaborative process – dynamic and open. The practice of psychotherapy offers the potential to achieve greater contentment in your relationships with others and perhaps more importantly, with yourself. Choosing the right therapist is necessary in order to align an experienced therapeutic guide with your goals. Whether those goals are for greater satisfaction with your life choices, recovery from past circumstances or for you to experience what true connection is with another human being, I can help you in the pursuit of your goals.

As a licensed California Marital and Family Therapist and a Board Certified Art Therapist, my work includes children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and group work. I specialize in issues of grief and loss, couples counseling, individual work as well as issues of identity, anxiety, depression and resolution of inner and exterior conflicts. I practice an eclectic mix of theoretical orientations including psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive and solution-focused models all in a relational context. I do not believe that any one theoretical orientation is effective for everyone. I utilize an interactive art therapy model when it feels that a client will benefit from externalizing their feelings and making unconscious material conscious. Art therapy can enhance communication between the client(s) and therapist and increase the capacity for insight and ongoing reflection.

I believe in responding individually to each client and assessing what form of relational processing will be most effective to approach individual goals. We will tailor a treatment plan that best responds to those needs or your desires.

I also conduct psychotherapy groups for children, adolescents, couples and adults. Group psychotherapy is for those who seek to understand themselves on a deeper level in the presence of others who support their process and journey of self-discovery and recovery from past circumstances.