Art Therapy

While many practitioners utilize art making with their clients, Art therapy is best practiced by a registered or board certified Art Therapist. Art therapy can provide powerful access to unconscious material and facilitate profound communication between therapist and client. Art created with a certified art therapist becomes part of a clinical record and is treated as part of a confidential file. Art created in a therapeutic setting can provide a record of feelings with the capacity for ongoing reflection which is invaluable in the therapeutic process. Art therapy is effective with all ages and for all issues. When practiced by a certified Art Therapist, creative work can be calming, elucidating and revelatory.

The benefits of creative expression are widely chronicled in the literature and increasingly in the neuropsychiatric field. Sometimes just the act of creation can open neurologic pathways to deeper understanding. In the presence of a qualified Art Therapist art work created in session can provide helpful insight and profound understanding of our unconscious feelings, needs and desires.
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It is the meaning the client derives from examining, confronting and exploring his/her art in the context of a therapeutic relationship that insight and the possibility for progress exist.

~ Margaret Naumberg